About NIMECHEThe Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) is the Mechanical Division of The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

The Institution has full standing authority as derived from the Articles of Association of The Nigerian Society of Engineers and is not a parallel body to the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

Established in December 2002 at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Mechanical Engineering Division of the NSE at Port Harcourt, it was unanimously agreed that the mechanical division of the NSE be transformed into The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers under the able leadership of Engr. (Chief) Akintunde S. Zedomi, FNSE, FNIMechE and other elected officials to ensure the take-off to smooth running of the Institution.

NIMechE is currently engaged in a tough battle towards restoring the rightful place of Mechanical Engineering in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To be the premier Institution for Professional Development, Knowledge Acquisition and Dissemination of Mechanical Engineering and Allied Disciplines in Nigeria

Our Mission

To propagate the effective practice of Mechanical Engineering within Nigeria and ensure its entrenchment in our body polity


About NIMECHEWhat We Do

1. Professional Registration of Mechanical Engineers/ Technicians in the Federation

2. Professional Training & Manpower Development of Mechanical Engineers, Technicians
& Allied Disciplines, equipping them with relevant skills required for the practice especially in this current era of LOCAL CONTENT DEVELOPMENT in Nigeria

3. Advancement of the cause of the Nigerian Mechanical Engineer

4. Unification of Registered and Practicing Mechanical Engineers, Technicians & Allied Disciplines in the Federation

5. Strong representation in the Nigerian Society of Engineers of which, we are a Division

6. Educating the general populace on the need to employ professionalism in engineering projects, however small the undertaking may be.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Institution are as follows: –

1.1  To promote the aims and objectives of The Nigerian Society of Engineers as they apply to the field of Mechanical Engineering through the continuing education and training of members of the Institution so as to update their knowledge and skill in the art, science, practice and management of mechanical engineering and associated technologies.

1.2 To provide opportunities for interaction amongst members of the Institution and between them and others in the field of mechanical engineering and associated technologies through provision of facilities for reading and discussing technical papers, through arrangement and or promotion of visits to industrial establishments and other places of mechanical engineering interest and through lectures and publication of technical journals on mechanical engineering.

1.3 To promote the development of the art, science and management of mechanical engineering through active encouragement of research and development and establishment of research and development priorities emphasizing the use of locally available materials to serve local situations and challenges and enhance the nation’s domestic and export potential.

1.4 To promote opportunity for interaction between the Institution and the Governments of the Federation and their parastatals with a view to influencing policies relating to mechanical engineering, industry and technology.

1.5 To promote and project the interest of mechanical engineering and provide advisory service to members of the Institution.

1.6 To provide advisory and consultancy services for Government and industry in the field of mechanical engineering and associated technologies.

1.7 To encourage cooperation with other institutions or divisions of The Nigerian Society of Engineers and other similar professional organizations and with Universities and other institutions in the field of mechanical engineering and technology within and outside Nigeria.

1.8 To carry out any activities as may be consistent with the above objectives.

1.9 To carry out any other assignments or activities as may be directed by the Council of The Nigerian Society of Engineers.